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Abacus Training

  • Learn abacus is Abundant Beads, Addition and Calculation Utility System.
  • Learn abacus is the oldest computer surviving more than 2,000 years. Until now, abacus remains a favorite math tool in the digital age.
  • Learn abacus (plural abaci or abacuses)is a counting frame, used as a calculating tool.
ABACUS programs enhance brain power of children. Empower children to get rid off the fear of mathematics and make learning easier through arithmetic calculation. Learn abacus for visualization, learn abacus for memory, learn abacus for self confidence, learn abacus for creativity, learn abacus for learning ability, learn abacus for listening skills, learn abacus for Judgement, learn abacus for accuracy and speed.Abacus is an ancient concept which is very helpful to develop both brains (I.e. right & left brain). Usually in normal method only the Left brain is developed. Left brain stores the reasoning abilities, logically & analytical reasoning, with the help of Abacus. Left brain is called short term memory. Right brain which is storage of photographic memory, creativity and it is also called as long term memory.
  1. Listening skills and Improve Reading skills.
  2. Improves confidence.
  3. Develop Photographic memory.
  4. Increase Mathematical skills.
  5. Increase concentration.
  6. Visualizations power.
  7. Reduce Phobia Number.
  8. Winning attitude.